week date lecture topics homework project
week 1 Tue January 10 overview Become familiar with Atlassian Jira if you don't already know it.
  1. Introduction to JIRA & Agile Project Management
  2. Another overview of Jira from Atlassian
  3. Mastering JIRA Workflow
Become familiar with Git if you don't already know it
  1. This tutorial from Atlassian is a nice overview. There are many others.
  2. Start thinking about how you think best to work with Git. See article for thoughts about integrating Git into an agile environment.
Fri January 13 SE Life Cycle Read: agile manifesto and principles

Become familiar with Atlassian Confluence if you don't already know it.
  1. Two min overview on Atlassian
  2. Five minute overview of Confluence concepts
  3. 17 five minute tutorials on specific Confluence topics
  4. There are many other (longer) Confluence tutorials available on youtube or webpages.
Background suggested reading: Brooks, Mythical Man Month
week 2 Tue January 17 UML Read: Top Ten Use Case Mistakes

HW1 assigned
Fri January 20 UML continued  
week 3 Tue January 24 requirements Phase 1 (Requirements & Use Cases) assigned - See here for a short presentation
Fri January 27 project HW1 due    
week 4 Tue January 31 Functional Testing HW2 assigned
Fri February 3 project HW2 due Phase 1 (Requirements & Use Cases) due; team formation

Phase 2 (Initial Design) assigned
week 5 Tue February 7 Structural Testing    
Fri February 10 project    
week 6 Tue February 14 Testing Strategies    
Fri February 17 project    
week 7 Tue February 21 UX/UI   Phase 2 (Initial Design) due
Fri February 24 project   Phase 3 (Initial Implementation) assigned
week 8 Tue February 28 Design Principles    
Fri March 3 project    
week 9 (SPRING BREAK) Tue March 7      
Fri March 10      
week 10 Tue March 14 design patterns  
Fri March 17 project    
week 11 Tue March 21 design patterns part 1

Maze Examples (code)
HW3 assigned  
Fri March 24 design patterns part 2

Code examples (part 2)
week 12 Tue March 28 refactoring  
Fri March 31 project   Phase 3 (Initial Implementation) due

Phase 4 (Updated Requirements) assigned
week 13 Tue April 4 debugging HW4 assigned
Fri April 7 project HW 3 due 4/8
week 14 Tue April 11 research topics: concurrency    
Fri April 14 project HW4 due  
week 15 Tue April 18 project presentations   Phase 4 (Updated Requirements) due
Fri April 21 project presentations