Date Lecture Reading Deadlines
January 8

Course Introduction
What is Graphics?

January 10 Rasterization Textbook: Chapter 3 Course pre-survey
January 15 Color Spaces and Color Perception

Textbook: Chapter 21

Supplemental (optional, but really cool!): Color Vision, by Bruce MacEvoy

Assignment 1
January 17

Assignment 1 Review
2D Transformations

Chapter 6.1

January 22 Image Processing and Composition

Textbook: Chapter 9.1 - 9.2

Additional Reading: Automatic Natural Video Matting with Depth

2D Project Proposal

Reading Response

January 24 Mini-Project Scoping and Feedback Workshop    
January 29

Introduction to 3D Rendering
Ray Casting

Textbook: Chapters 4.1-4.4  
January 31 Shading and Lighting Textbook: Chapters 4.5-4.9
February 5 2D Project Lightning Presentations   2D Project
February 7 Raytracing Lab    
February 12

3D Shapes and Transformations

Textbook: Chapter 6.2-6.5

Additional "reading": Polly

"Reading" Response to Polly
February 14 Graphics Pipeline I Textbook: Chapter 8
February 19 Graphics Pipeline II TBA Assignment 2
February 21 OpenGL Lab  
February 26

Assignment 2 Review
Shading and Textures

Textbook: Chapter 11  
February 28

No Class

  Assignment 3 (March 2nd, 11:59pm)
March 5 Spring Break!!  
March 7 Spring Break!!  
March 12

Assignment 3 Review
Vertex and Fragment Shaders

Textbook: Chapter 18  
March 14 Topics in Graphics: Modeling Textbook: Chapter 15-16  
March 19 Topics in Graphics: Animation Textbook: Chapter 17 Assignment 4
March 21

Topics in Graphics: Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Painterly Rendering for Animation

Rendering Effective Route Maps: Improving Usability Through Generalization

Reading Response for one of these papers

Final Project Proposal (Due Friday, March 24th, 11:59pm)

March 26 Topics in Graphics: Augmented Reality [Guest Lecture: Prof. Vona]    
March 28 No class due to instructor travel (Game Developers Conference)  
April 2

Course Wrap-up & Project Workshop

Final Project Status Report
April 4

Guest Lecture: Prof. Pensyl [Art + Design], topic TBA

April 9 Final Project Presentations  
April 11 Final Project Presentations  
April 16 Final Project Presentations

Final project due (Friday, April 19th, 11:59pm)

Don't forget to do the TRACE evaluation!