2D Project

Late days may not be used for project deadlines!

Proposals: January 22nd, 11:59pm
Presentations: February 5th (in class)
Reports: February 5th, 11:59pm

Proposal Requirements

Presentation Requirements

Report Requirements

This should be a short writeup explaining how to interact with your project:

Submission Instructions

February 5th, 10am: Deadline to submit presentation materials to Blackboard

February 5th, 11:59pm: Deadline to submit 2D project to Blackboard:

Final Project

Late days may not be used for project deadlines!

Proposals: March 24th, 11:59pm
Status Report: April 2nd, 10:00am
Presentations: April 9th, April 11th, April 16th (in class)
Reports: April 19th, 11:59pm

Proposal Requirements

Group size: 2 - 3 students; more or less than this must be approved by the instructor ahead of proposal submission

Your project must be related to 3D graphics and involve the production of software that either produces 3D graphics or uses the graphics hardware (e.g. writing shaders). You can choose to pursue either raytracing or rasterization.

Number of pages (suggested): 3 - 5 pages, not including images. The proposal should be written in full English sentences, giving detailed answers to the following questions:

The proposal must include references to at least two other projects or papers that you have found online. Please make sure to reference these appropriately in your proposal, so that:

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited; it is entirely inappropriate to copy text from another source even in small part. If you do use text written by someone else, it must be in quotation marks. Aim to have at least 98% of your submitted project proposal be your own, written text.

Presentation Requirements

Time limit: 14 minutes per group; plan to spend 10-12 minutes talking and 2-4 minutes taking questions

Your presentation should focus on giving a tutorial on something you have learned while working on your 3D project. It does not have to be a presentation of the project itself; that is, you are not required to have finished your project in time to give a presentation. It should be something that is relevant to a computer graphics class, but does not necessarily need to be technical in nature. The schedule of presenters has been posted on Piazza.

If you do not have a laptop to present from, bring slides/video/presentation materials on a USB stick. The classroom computer runs Windows 7.

Report Requirements

Page limit: 5 - 8 pages, ACM format (two column, 9pt font) -- link contains two templates, one for MS Word and one for LaTeX.

As usual, this is a guideline, not a firm requirement. If you need more room (especially for pictures), take it! If you feel like you can describe your project more concisely, do so. However, be aware that conciseness does not always lead to clarity.

Your report should follow the format of a typical computer science paper, including:

You must also provide a video of your project that showcases your work.