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office hours

Here is a calendar of all the office hours that the course staff offers. If you would like to speak to an instructor and you cannot make it to their office hours, send email and set up a meeting. Most office hours this semester will be in-person, with few (if any) being online. Double-check the calendar before going to a particular room for a particular office-hours session, in case we have to abruptly shift that session, either online or to a different room. “In-person” and “Online” office hours will be marked as such, and the location of each one will be kept up-to-date on this calendar.

In addition to the TA hours, I have weekly drop-in hours at my office on Tuesdays; these (and other details) are included on my website)


In this course, you will encounter two kinds of people:
  • your instructor:

    Ben Lerner

  • your teaching assistants:

    Teaching assistants teach labs, grade homework sets, hold office hours, and occasionally substitute in lectures.