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Moving from Accelerated to Regular

General Information🔗

time to wake up

A lot of you have one burning question on your mind as you start your college career:

How am I going to get an A in this course?

We have some news for you

As of today, you are learning for life, not for exams.

Yes, you are in college now, and college really is about learning something and not getting a grade. As a matter of fact, if you are taking a course and the A comes easy, you are either cheating yourself or you are allowing the instructor to cheat you.

College is a chance to learn how to learn by yourself, without pressure from parents, teachers, or peers. You want to learn that, because the quality of your life depends on it.

Naturally, we understand that you want some feedback, both in terms of specific corrections and in terms of a grade. You want feedback so that you can improve your learning process. And we will give you that feedback. It is our end of the bargain. Your end is to demonstrate that you actually study the methods we teach so that they become second nature. After all, you don’t want to waste your time, and we don’t want to waste ours either.

So, if you wish to earn a grade in this course, you must read and agree to the Course Contract. This is a contract between you and the course staff. We promise: As long as you will live up to its spirit, we will stand by you during this semester.









Ben Lerner






SH 415


The course has two lab sections. Labs start the first week of class, on September 6.










You must attend the lab section you signed up for during registration, and attendance is mandatory.

The purpose of labs is to give you some hands-on experience with the actual tools and to illustrate some of the principles from lecture with hands-on exercises. You will also have the chance to explain your solutions to your peers.


Please familiarize yourself with the course Staff. The Staff section comes with pictures so you can recognize people in the classroom, during office hours, or on the sidewalk.

Moving from Accelerated to Regular🔗

If you are in Accelerated and you feel, during the first two weeks of this course, that you would be better off learning the material at a slightly slower pace, you may ask to transfer to a regular section. To request a switch to a regular section, you should talk to Prof. Patterson so he can help you with the switch. Note that this must be done by September 14th, and you must move into a regular section with space.