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Accelerated Fundamentals of Computer Science 1

Accelerated Fundamentals of Computer Science 1🔗

Welcome to the website for the Fall 2024 offering of Accelerated 1.

Accelerated 1 is a fast-paced version of Fundamentals 1. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the principles of systematic programming and the basic rules of computation. This accelerated version will cover additional topics on the intellectual and philosophical foundations of computer science. Note that taking Accelerated will not help you complete the computer science major any faster. Taking Accelerated will not let you skip any courses. All it does is give you a taste of some advanced topics from upper-level computer science courses earlier.

Accelerated 1 is designed for students who love to learn for its own sake, and plan to major in computer science. Strictly speaking, it does not require prior programming experience. However, prior experience will help. Historically, most students in Accelerated 1 have prior programming experience.