Course Contract

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Working online This semester we still suffer from many COVID 19-related restrictions. As a result, much of our classwork will be conducted online. This includes participation in labs, office hours, exams and—for some— in lectures. It is our joint responsibility, but especially yours, to use these online tools honestly, such that your submitted work in this course represents your own efforts.

As a general rule, it is a violation of academic integrity to submit work that you have not contributed to. This includes you asking your partner to do the homework one week, and you do it the next week—if you do, you are cheating. In addition to the dishonesty, such behavior hurts you because you won’t have the knowledge from the homework(s) you didn’t help with. Since the exams are of course not collaborative, you will need to know all the material.

Students caught cheating will be penalized by the course staff and, in addition, will be reported to the university’s office on academic integrity for further action.







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middle initial if applicable


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acknowledge that I have read the General Information and the above advice on cheating and I agree to
  • read the textbook regulary, at least each week;

  • keep up to date with Piazza posts and information posted there (yes, this means I have to read every post);

  • meet with my pair-programming partner on the agreed-upon basis;

  • notify my lab TA immediately if my partner fails to show up or contribute.

I understand that I have the right to get advice from one of my instructors within 24 hours (including weekends) via email and/or see my instructor by appointment.





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