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home work!

There will be one homework per week, due Thursdays at 9pm. You are allowed to turn in your work up to 48 hours after the deadline, at a 2% per hour penalty. (That is, if you are more than 48h late, the penalty would be 100%, so the server automatically closes at that time.) And remember that the server has its own clock, which is close to Eastern Time, but don’t gamble with seconds before or after the due time on your personal watch!

Each homework contains the programming language that you must use with it, its due date, a purpose, and several graded exercises.

Homeworks should be uploaded to the correct assignment on the handin server before the due date.

Beginning with Homework 4, you will work in groups of size 2 and turn in your homework solutions together, in one file. See also "Pair Programming" under the General Information tab.

Homework integrity. Most homeworks this semester will be worked on with a partner. Once a partner has been assigned, you must collaborate with them on the weekly homeworks. You may request help from any staff member on weekly problem sets but you must do so together with your partner. If you discuss the homework with other students, this discussion must be generic and at no point may you show your code to any student other than your assigned partner, or view code written by any student other than yourself and your assigned partner. (Take special care not to post "spoilers" on Piazza, Teams, or other online forums.)

A Complete Guide to the Handin Server

    Homework 1