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Lab sessions give you a chance to practice topics covered in your readings and in lectures with helpful assistants around. A teaching assistant (TA) will present the topic of the week in an alternative way and will then set practical goals. If you do need help, do not hesitate to ask one of the attending teaching assistants or tutors.

COVID-19: Labs will happen on Microsoft Teams. Someone from the course staff will enroll you; you will be notified. You will participate in the labs synchronously, which means you will attend at the exact time of your lab and be present in Teams.

During your lab, the lab TA will typically start with some general discussion about the course material relevant for this lab. You will then often split up into break-out rooms and do exercises in smaller groups of participants. That said, the lab organization is largely up to the lab TA.

    Lab 1 The Basics

    Lab 2 Booleans, the Design Recipe, and World Programs

    Lab 3 Structure types; World programs with structures

    Lab 4 Partners, Unions, and Self-Referential Data

    Lab 5 Self-referential data; Lists of atomic and structured data

    Lab 6 Designing and Using Abstractions

    Lab 7 Scopes

    Lab 8 Lambda and Multiple Complex Inputs

    Lab 9 Mutual Recursion

    Lab 10 Color-Changing Graphs