Game Artificial Intelligence

CS 4150/5150 - Fall 2013


Taking the place of a midterm exam is a paper that analyzes the relationship between AI and game design. The midterm paper is assigned on the first day of class, and has two intermediate draft deadlines. You have your choice of topics.

Reading Reflections

Each week, you must turn in a brief reflection on the readings you have done for the week. Aim to have this written reflection be 1-2 pages long, though this is only a guideline, not a strict page limit. It is recommended that you write a draft of this reflection before coming to class, so that your initial reaction can be recorded, and then revise that draft after the reading has been discussed in class.

Reflections are due at 11:59pm on Sundays, and should be turned in through Blackboard. Each reflection will be assigned a letter grade according to the following criteria.

Note that, as with all work for this class, any incidences of plagiarism or evidence of cheating will be reported to OSCCR.

The lowest two reflection grades will be dropped from the overall grade, except for failing grades that are assigned due to academic dishonesty


Assignment 1: Pacman vs. Ghosts - Due October 1, 2013

Assignment 2: Platformer Turing Test - Due October 18, 2013 [Link to framework and example agents]

Assignment 3: Platformer Level Generation - Due November 5, 2013 [Link to framework]

Final Project

Final Project Requirements