Written responses to readings should be submitted through Blackboard. Responses are due at noon on the day of class.

September 13th - Automatic Learning and Generation of Social Behavior from Collective Human Gameplay by Jeff Orkin and Deb Roy

September 20th - The Further Exploits of Aaron, Painter by Harold Cohen

September 27th - Answer Set Programming for Procedural Content Generation: A Design Space Approach by Adam M. Smith & Michael Mateas

October 4th - ConceptNet - A Practical Commonsense Reasoning Tool-Kit by Hugo Liu and Push Singh

October 11th - Preface & Chapter 4: Situated Actions from Plans and Situated Actions: The Problem of Human Machine Communication by Lucy Suchman

October 25th - Evolving Virtual Creatures by Karl Sims

November 15th - A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning by Pedro Domingos