Acceptable Use Remember all that stuff about the "Acceptable Use Policy" you skimmed over when you applied for your CCIS account? Well, we take them seriously. If you use your CCIS account for bad things, then bad things WILL happen to you. If you have any questions about an activity that you are thinking about, write and ask. In general, they don't bite and will answer serious questions seriously.

Device Compatibility Most of the online materials for this course will be at this web site. We will try to make the materials readable on most modern systems and browsers, but you should not expect them to be readable on cell phones or other devices with small screens.

Be professional in your communications Your employers will expect you to be professional in your communications, and so do we. Please use proper professional English in your emails and Piazza postings.

Tips for Effective Electronic CommunicationYou may have been communicating online for your entire life, but it's always good to review the basics of online conduct. Here is a useful guide.


We will use Piazza as our primary platform for announcements, questions, discussions, and so forth. Don't send email to the instructor or TAs unless it is absolutely necessary. Use Piazza instead. Piazza allows you to create private messages, seen only by the instructor and TAs.

Don't post your code or designs in a public post. If you are asking a question that is relevant only to your own solution, make it a private question. Better yet, think of a way to ask your question without giving anything away about your own solution or ideas.

Before you post a question, read through the existing threads to see whether your question has already been answered.

Make your subject line descriptive. For example, "what if mouse is dragged outside canvas?" is far more informative than "please help me"

Tag your posts. Piazza uses hashtags, like Twitter. I've created some standard tags (called folders in Piazza) that will help you (and us) to categorize your posts. These appear under the "Note Tags" box so you can select them with a click:

Feel free to respond to other students' posts. We won't hold it against you if your response is incorrect. Indeed, incorrect responses help us to identify things the class doesn't understand.

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