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Self Evals

Code Grades 🔗


Self Evals 🔗

In order to get a grade for your products, you will need to perform a self-evaluation. After we harvest your code from your git repos, we will push out a self-evaluation report form in plain text. You will have until 18:00 (6pm) the same day to fill it out and push it back to master.

Criteria 🔗

Your submissions will be evaluated along two dimensions:
  • for correctness, via delivery inspections of all requested files (and no extras) plus "test fests." The latter means we will run your test harnesses on the instructor’s and all of your peers’ tests.

    If you disagree with the result of a test fest, send an email to the technical TA and set up an appointment. You will have to argue that the lead instructor’s code and/or integration tests are wrong. (This is not impossible.)

  • for systematic design, via design evaluation and code inspections. That is, after you turn in your self-evaluations, we will read select pieces of the requested files and check them against your self-evaluation for basic software quality criteria, and design standards taught in Fundamentals I, II, OOD and Logic.

    The accuracy of your self-evaluation is part of the inspection score.

    For any disagreements concerning your grades, first see the person who "signed" the code inspection report. If you can’t resolve the issue, see the pod leader of the grader’s pod:

    As a last resort, see your instructor.