good try

For most milestones, I will report the results of running your deliverable(s) on a suite of tests. If the deliverable does not pass the tests (i.e. 100% pass rate), I expect you and your partner to send me a (joint) post-mortem within 7 days of receiving the results.

The post-mortem should be a memo addressing two main points:
  1. What went wrong. What issue, or issues, caused the deliverable to fail the tests? What circumstances led to those issues? Be specific; feel free to include links to specific sections of files in your repository.

  2. How you will fix it. Describe your plan to address the issues you identified. If you have already fixed the problems, explain how you did so.

I expect the memos to be brief (but still written in complete English sentences). The more concisely you can address these points, the better.