Elixir Milestones

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One of the most time-honored ways to learn a new language is to implement a project that you’ve already done before. When you begin with an understanding of how to model the core data and implement the primary functionality, you can focus on the things that are different in the new environment: the syntax, idioms, tools, and so on. So, prepare to break ground on the Shabby Terriers & Broken Ultrasounds center, or just STBU for short.

You will receive a new Github repo for this project, in which you should create a new mix project (see Elixir, Mix).

    E1 — Here We Go Again

    E2 — Adoptions, Take 2

        2.1 Initialization and Connecting Clients

        2.2 Adoption Protocol

        2.3 Testing Task

        2.4 Delivery

    E3 — Appointments, Take 2

        3.1 Initialization and Connecting Clients

        3.2 Appointment Protocol

        3.3 Handoff

        3.4 Delivery

    E4 — OTP: Our Terrier Puppies

        4.1 Using OTP Abstractions

        4.2 Supervision

        4.3 State Managment

        4.4 Application & Client Interface

        4.5 Delivery