Piazza & Email

Piazza is a discussion forum which allows students to ask answers of the entire course staff. Please use Piazza often! Its a great place for all homework questions or whole-class relevant admin questions. Keep in mind:

  • Please mark questions as private (only visible to yourself and instructors) if you’re at all concerned your work would unfairly “help” other students on any part of a homework problem. You can always mark as private and add the <make-this-public?> tag so the course staff can be reminded to share it with the whole class if it will help them learn.

  • Piazza can also be used, with private posts, to discuss individual student concerns which TAs might be able to assist you with.

  • You can sign up by visiting www.piazza.com/northeastern/spring2022/cs2810sp2022 and using the access code cs2810_pass

You’re welcome to email the instructors directly if your message needs privacy from other course staff members or requires our attention.


Please prefix your email’s subject line with [CS2810]: to help sort our inboxes


To help us work effectively with all students, please avoid emailing instructors questions which can be resolved on Piazza.