Gradescope (Submission System)

Unless specified elsewhere, all work (HW and ICAs) are to be submitted to gradescope (see link at left).

A gradescope account (likely with your email, otherwise with your email) has already been linked to our course’s gradescope page, please go to to ensure you can access it. If you have trouble accessing it, please post a note on piazza and list your NU email so we may add you.


This guide walks students through submitting an assignment on gradescope. (One difference: the video shows students downloading the assignment from gradescope, you’ll do so from canvas instead). Note this part of the video which describes how you will mark the page associated with each problem in an assignment. Please mark any page for extra credit problems which are not attempted.


Grading penalties will apply to homework which doesn’t appropriately mark which page is associated with each non-extra-credit problem.


All work must either be scanned by a flat-bed scanner or, if collected via a smartphone, must undergo post-processing to clean up the image (e.g. Cam Scanner which is freely available). The TAs will be instructed to grade only work which is legible. Difficult to read assignments (poor penmanship or scan quality) may receive point penalties or no credit at all depending on the severity of the problem.


Gradescope accepts multiple submissions for a single assignment. We’ll grade the latest one.

Use this multiple submission feature to test gradescope if you’re a first time user. Its also helpful in the event you’re cutting a deadline particularly close: submit mostly complete work at 10 pm for the 11:59 pm deadline while continuing to work on incomplete parts. (Of course, you’d never put yourself in this situation, but just in case!).


If you feel a mistake has been made in the grading of your work, you may request a regrade through gradescope. Regrade requests will only be considered if submitted up to one week after the graded HW has been posted. In other words, if your HW is returned on Sept 7th then you have until Sept 14th to submit a regrade request. (There may be a tighter deadline on the final HW to allow us to finalize grades).

The first regrade request will be managed by the TA who originally graded your work. If you are still not satisfied with the grading, the instructors will look at it themselves. Please email the instructor directly after you receive feedback on your first regrade request if you’d like us to take a look at it.