Handout 4 Term Paper Information 9/15/08



CS G250 Wireless Networks


Topic. Students (in groups of 2 to 4) are required to select a topic and produce a Term Paper. The topic may be selected from a list of topics provided by the instructor (Handout 5, to be provided); the student(s) in consultation with the instructor may also determine them.


Credit. The last three classes (12/03/08, 12/08/08 and 12/10/08) of the course are reserved for 15-minute presentations on these Term Papers. It is encouraged that the Term Paper be accompanied by demos, though this is not strictly necessary. The proposal will count for 4%, the presentation/demo will count for 6% and the submitted write-up/code will count for 10% of the final grade; students in a group will get the same number of points. The final Term Paper is due by midnight of 12/10/08. This is an absolute deadline and no Term Papers will be accepted after the deadline has passed.


Project Proposal. A Project Proposal consisting of 4-5 pages (single-spaced) is due in the beginning of class on 10/20/08. The Project Proposal must have the following 4 parts:

  1. Introduction and motivation
  2. Survey of existing work
  3. Identification of problem, your proposed solution with time and effort estimates
  4. References


Term Paper. The Term Paper must be 8-10 pages (single-spaced) long and contain the following sections:

  1. Introduction motivate the problem and situate it in the context of security
  2. Related work provide comprehensive survey of existing work with references to literature (journals/web)
  3. Problem exposition structure and organize the issues of concern, include market overview if relevant
  4. Your contribution present your ideas/thoughts, these can be futuristic
  5. Conclusion summarize and synthesize
  6. References