CS 713 Advanced Algorithms

Course handouts

  1. Preliminaries (doc, html)
  2. Credit (doc, html)
  3. Outline (doc, html)

    Lecture Notes

    Readings from the textbook - Algorithm Design, J. Kleinberg and E. Tardos Addison Wesley, 1st Edition 2005 - are given in square brackets, e.g. [KT02; Chapter ??].

    1. Course Outline and Motivation - Computability through the ages, Euclid's gcd algorithm, Linear Programming, Primality
    2. P vs NP - Lower bound for searching, Stable Matching [KT02; Chapter 1-3]

    Problem Sets

    1. Problem Set - I (doc, html)
    2. Problem Set - II (doc, html)
    3. Problem Set - III (doc, html)
    4. Problem Set - IV (doc, html)
    5. Problem Set - V (doc, html)

    Related links

    I plan to accumulate related links and organize it from time to time. Please send me(koods@ccs.neu.edu) any links related to the course that you found useful.

    1. Avrim Blum's notes on sorting.