Paper Presentations for CS7680 (Special Topics in Systems)

For each class where there will be presentations of papers (with the pdf of the paper found online), please scan the papers in advance that will be presented that day, and be prepared to ask questions. If I do not hear enough discussion from the audience, then I will call on individual students in the audience with my own personal questions about the paper, and ask them for their opinions.

As before, my goal is to encourage real technical communication in a non-threatening environment. It will be my responsibility to make sure that no student feels embarassed or on the spot. But it will also be your responsibility to be prepared with either your own opinions and comments, or else your own questions of clarification.

If this is done right (and that is my responsibility), I strongly believe that you will all find this a tremendously empowering experience that you can also take away with you beyond the classroom.

  1. Friday, Jan. 27
  2. Tuesday, Jan. 31
  3. Friday, Feb. 3
  4. Tuesday, Feb. 7
  5. Friday, Feb. 10
  6. Tuesday, Feb. 14
  7. Friday, Feb. 17
  8. Friday, Feb. 24
  9. Tuesday, Feb. 28
  10. Friday, Mar. 3
  1. Tuesday, Mar. 14
  2. Friday, Mar. 17
  3. Tuesday, Mar. 21
  4. Friday, Mar. 31

NOTE: The following slots and/or papers have already been researved by some students:
  1. No future talks scheduled at this time.