CS 7280

Topics in Statistics and Data Analysis

Fall 2016

WF 11:45 - 1:25am, Richards Hall 165

Instructor: Olga Vitek

Email: o.vitek@neu.edu

Office hours: WVH 310F, Wednesdays 1:30-2:30pm, or by appointment

Phone: (617) 373-6305

Mailbox: WVH 202

Teaching assistant: Sara Taheri

Email: mohammadtaheri.s@husky.neu.edu

Office hours: WVH 310, Tuesdays 3:45-4:45pm.

Admin: Description. Syllabus. Piazza, Blackboard.

R: CRAN, reference, search. RStudio and cheat sheets.

Textbooks: Agresti & Finlay, Kutner et al., 5th Ed. book and datasets.

R textbooks: Grolemund & Wikham, Grolemund


Descriptive statistics, R

Wed, Sep 7:

Fri, Sep 9: Hw1 out.

Probability distributions

Univariate and bivariate distributions and their properties

Conditional probabilities and independence

Wed, Sep 14:

Fri, Sep 16: Hw1 due. Hw2 out.

Wed, Sep 7:

Fri, Sep 9:

Statistical inference

Point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing

Wed, Sep 21:

Fri, Sep 23: Hw2 due. Hw3 out.

Wed, Sep 28:

Linear regression

Inference from simple and multiple regression

Fri, Sep 30: Hw3 due. Hw4 out.

Wed, Oct 5:

Fri, Oct 7: Hw4 due. Project groups due Hw5 out.

Wed, Oct 12:

Fri, Oct 14: Hw5 due. Midterm exam

Wed, Oct 19:

Fri, Oct 21: Hw6 out.

Wed, Oct 26:

Fri, Oct 28: Hw6 due. Hw7 out.

Wed, Nov 2:

Fri, Nov 4: Project proposals due. Hw7 due. Hw8 out.

Topics on data analysis with R

Wed, Nov 9: Guest lecture: Tsung-Heng Tsai, postdoctoral associate, Vitek lab.

                     tidyr, dplyr, ggplot2

                     Guest lecture: Sara Taheri, PhD student, Vitek lab

                     RStudio and github

Fri, Nov 11: No class, Veteran’s day Hw8 due.

Wed, Nov 16: Guest lecture: Kylie Bemis, postdoctoral associate, Vitek lab

                     R debugging, memory/cpu profiling, and working with big data in R

Analysis of categorical data

Contingency tables, logistic regression

Fri, Nov 18: Hw9 out.

Wed, Nov 23: No class, Thanksgiving

Fri, Nov 25: No class, Thanksgiving

Wed, Nov 30: Project reports due

Fri, Dec 2:

Wed, Dec 5: Hw9 due.

Wed, Dec 7: No class, reading day.  Reports reviews due

Fri, Dec 9: Final exam

Tentative schedule and handouts