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Course Structure

Last updated: Wed, 7 Jan 2015 15:41:05 -0500

This page describes the structure of the course.

The course is divided into Modules where a Module represents one week’s material.

Each Module is further divided into pre-lecture, in-class activities, and homework.


Pre-lecture activities typically include readings from the textbook, and other sources.

Note that to "read" in this class means:
  • reading the material,

  • doing the exercises,

  • taking notes of anything that is unclear,

  • reviewing the material and asking for help (on Piazza, at office hours, or in class) until the questions are resolved.


Each class primarily consists of a question and answer session. It’s each student’s responsibility to come to class prepared with questions and each class will last as long (up to 2 hours) or as short as necessary to answer everyone’s questions.

Other class activities may include:
  • a short quiz, to check for comprehension of the most basic course concepts,

  • in-class coding demonstrations and exercises, to reinforce that week’s concepts. Be prepared to be called on to participate.


There will be a hw assignment each week.

You will work on homework either individually or in pairs.

After submitting the homework, you will present your solution during your weekly code walk.

See the Homework Policies page for more details.