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Before Arriving on Campus
Immediately After Arriving on Campus

Pre-Semester Checklist

Last updated: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 13:38:15 -0500

This page explains how to prepare for CS5010.

You should acquire the materials and complete the tasks as soon as possible.

Before Arriving on Campus

  1. Computer: You need a laptop for this course. There will be frequent in-class coding exercises.

  2. Racket: Racket is the tool of choice in this course. Download the latest version (6.1.1 as of November 2014) of Racket for your operating system.

  3. Google Account: It’s a good idea to get a Google account since we may share Google documents and ask you to fill out some forms. (Your NEU Husky ID should suffice for accessing these documents but not all operations have been verified.)

  4. Microsoft Office/Powerpoint (optional): You’ll need the latest version of Powerpoint to view some of the course materials. We will make an effort to have these slides available in other formats as well (e.g., PDF), but they may not always display identically.

    In previous semesters, students could download Office 365 for free by logging into my.neu.edu.

  5. Reading: Start reading the Prologue and Part I of the textbook. There is a lot of material upfront so it’s a good idea to get a head start.

Immediately After Arriving on Campus

  1. CCS Account: Sign up for a CCS account.

    You need a CCS account to access CCS resources (e.g., wifi, email, source code repositories).

  2. I am here: Let us know you are here by filling out the "I AM HERE" form.

    You won’t be able to submit any homework until we have this information.

  3. Computer: Visit the CCS HOWTO page to make sure your computer is properly set up (e.g., can access the network) Submit any other computer queries to systems@ccs.neu.edu.

  4. CCS Email: Figure out how to access your CCS email and check it regularly throughout the semester. Set up email forwarding if you’re not using it as your primary account.

    We will send important announcements to this address during the semester and "I didn’t get the message" will not be accepted as an excuse.

  5. Git and Github:

  6. Piazza: Piazza is the primary communication medium for this course. Use your CCS email address to sign up for the CS5010 Spring 2015 Piazza page. See the Communication page for more information on using Piazza in this course.