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1 Grading
1.1 Homework
1.2 Quizzes
1.3 Instructor’s Discretion
2 Re-grade policy
2.1 Proper Ticket
2.2 Improper Tickets


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1 Grading

Your final grade for the course will be computed from the following:

There is no midterm or final exam in this course.

There’s no pre-determined curve or percentage cutoffs. Grades will be assigned according to the following criteria:

1.1 Homework

Homework determines the bulk of your grade (~90%).

There will be a homework assignment each week and you will receive a weekly grade. Your weekly grade will be determined by a combination of automated tests and code walk presentations. See the Homework Policies page for additional details about homework.

Each homework assignment may have a different weight. Your final grade will be determined by computing a weighted average your homework scores. The weight of each assignment will be determined at the end of the semester.

To accomodate special circumstances that arise during the semester, we drop the lowest homework grade.

1.2 Quizzes

We will occasionally have quizzes during class to check basic understanding of course principles. Quizzes constitute a small portion of your grade (~5%).

1.3 Instructor’s Discretion

The remainder of your grade (~5%) is determined by the course staff.

This portion of your grade is determined by all other activities in the course, such as class participation or helpfulness on Piazza.

2 Re-grade policy

If you feel a mistake was made in computing a homework grade, you may submit an Issue Ticket in Piazza. A proper Issue Ticket is:

In addition, a complete Issue Ticket contains the following information:

  1. your full name,

  2. your ccs account name,

  3. a link to your github repository,

  4. your partner name (if applicable),

  5. your code walk time and location,

  6. your code walk TA’s name,

  7. the number of points in dispute,

  8. supporting evidence.

Improperly formatted or incomplete tickets will be ignored.

Supporting evidence may be taken from course reference materials, Piazza posts, or class discussions.

Note: Submitting an Issue Ticket opens your entire assignment submission for re-grading. Thus, your score may go up or down as a result of an Issue Ticket.

Issue Tickets are discussed during our weekly staff meeting and may take up to seven days to resolve. A closed issue ticket will have "Resolved" in the title and will not be monitored by the staff. Start a new ticket if you wish to continue discussing a resolved ticket.

2.1 Proper Ticket

Here is an example of a proper Issue Ticket:

Summary: Issue :: Double Decomposition

Request: Regrade PS02 Q1 (5 points)
Name: Stephen Chang (stchang)
Partner: Dan Feltey (dfeltey)
github: https://github.ccs.neu.edu/cs5010sp15/pdp-stchang/
Code Walk: 15:25 10/4/2014 RY 209, TA:Chang
Supporting Evidence:
Please find my function foo-bar. I lost 5 points during my code walk for double decomposition. However, I think double decomposition makes things clearer here because ...

;; code goes here
<add link to full github file here>

2.2 Improper Tickets

Here is a list of commonly submitted improper Issue Tickets, phrased in a question-and-answer format. Any Issue Tickets resembling the following questions will be ignored.