CS 5010 Module 03

Module Overview

This week you will learn about the System Design Recipe and the Iterative Design Recipe, which give you a roadmap to designing systems that are larger than a few functions. To design a system iteratively means to design it by starting with a simple base and then adding new features one at a time. The iterative design recipe gives a recipe for adding a new feature to an existing system.

The System Design Recipe says

The Iterative Design Recipe says

We will study this pattern in the context of the 2htdp/universe module, which allows us to create interactive animations. You will learn:

Course Map

map, module 03

Here's another view that shows how all this fits in to the course principles:

from principles to iterative design


Prologue and Part I from the textbook, which cover an introduction to programming, fixed-size data, and the Basic Student Language in Racket.



Problem Set

Problem Set 03

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