Section 1

Time Mondays & Wednesdays 2:50pm - 4:30pm
Location WVG 108

Section 2

Time Tuesdays & Fridays 1:35pm - 3:15pm
Location WVG 106

Section 3

Time Tuesdays & Fridays 3:25pm - 5:05pm
Location WVG 104

Recitation/LAB Sections - THURSDAY

Section 1

Time 9:15am - 10:20am
Location Behrakis 030
TA's Amit (team 11, 13), Vikram (team 12, 14)

Section 2

Time 10:30am - 11:35am
Location Behrakis 315
TA's Aditya (team 22, 27), Amit (teams 23), Praveen (team 21, 24), Vikram (teams 25, 26)

Section 3

Time 11:45am - 12:50pm
Location Behrakis 030
TA's Aditya (teams 33, 34), Matt (teams 31, 32)

Section 4

Time 1:35pm - 2:40pm
Location Behrakis 220
TA's Amit (teams 41, 42), Matt (teams 43, 45), Praveen (team 46), Raghu (teams 44, 47)

Section 5

Time 4:30pm - 5:40pm
Location WV G 108
TA's Praveen (teams 55, 56), Raghu (team 51, 52), Vikram (teams 53, 54)


Jose Annunziato

Phone 617-373-6270
Office Hours Nightingale 132E: Mondays 1:30-2:30PM, Tuesdays 4-5PM, Wednesdays 5-6PM, Thursdays 5-6PM

Nate Derbinsky

Phone 617-373-7382
Office Hours WVH 208: Mondays 3-4PM, Tuesdays 1-2PM, Fridays 2-3PM (starting 1/16)

Michael Weintraub

Phone 617-373-2301
Office Hours Nightingale 132G: Tuesday 1-4pm

Teaching Assistants

Matt Murphy

Office Hours Wednesday 3-4pm, Nightingale 132

Aditya Priyadarshi

Office Hours Tuesday, 2-4pm, Nightingale 132

Amit Raul

Office Hours Friday 12-4pm, Nightingale 132

Praveen Kumar Singh

Office Hours Tuesday 6-8pm, Nightingale 132

Raghavendra Venkatesh

Office Hours Wednesday 6-8pm, Friday 4-6pm, Nightingale 132

Vikram Dhammi

Office Hours Monday 4-6pm, Nightingale 132


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