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When you need help with the lecture material, the lab material, or the problem sets, don’t despair—there are plenty of ways to get help.

A meeting with a tutor, TA, or instructor is the best to get explanations because you can ask questions in real time and get answers to them.

If you cannot make it to a meeting, ask your question on Piazza.

If you have a question that you prefer to ask in a non-public setting, feel free to send email to anybody on the course staff.


Piazza is an on-line forum for class discussions. Anybody can post a question and anybody else can reply.

If you post (a sketch of) the solution to a homework problem, we will consider this an act of cheating and report you to the relevant authorities.

Email Addresses

Email is like texting but you get to write full sentences with question marks and real punctuation (that’s the "." "," "!" "?" thingies on your keyboard).

Note that we may post excerpts from your mail message on piazza if we consider it of general interest. If you want privacy, be sure to request it when you send an email.




Matthias Felleisen


matthias at ccs.neu.edu

Amal Ahmed


amal at ccs.neu.edu

Alan Mislove


amislove at ccs.neu.edu

Nada Naji


najin at ccs.neu.edu

Leena Razzaq


lrazzaq at ccs.neu.edu

Benjamin Lerner


blerner at ccs.neu.edu

Thomas Wahl


wahl at ccs.neu.edu

Rebecca MacKenzie


r.mackenzie at northeastern.edu

Leif Andersen


leif at ccs.neu.edu

Spencer Aronstein


spencera at ccs.neu.edu

Suzanne Becker


becker.su at husky.neu.edu

Ben Greenman


benjaminlgreenman at gmail.com

Adrian Kant


kanta at ccs.neu.edu

Catherine McLean


cmclean at ccs.neu.edu

Mitchell McLean


mmclean at ccs.neu.edu

Max New


maxsnew at gmail.com

Calvin Pomerantz


calvin at ccs.neu.edu

Pedro Silva


silvaph at ccs.neu.edu

Matthew Singer


msinger at ccs.neu.edu

Claudia Vilcu


vilcu.c at husky.neu.edu

Mohib Azam


azam.m at husky.neu.edu

Emily Beckers


beckers.e at husky.neu.edu

Saikrishna Chintalpelly


chintalpelly.s at husky.neu.edu

Daniel Chu


chu.da at husky.neu.edu

Benjamin Clauss


clauss.b at husky.neu.edu

John Compitello


compitello.j at husky.neu.edu

Luciana Corteggiano


corteggiano.l at husky.neu.edu

Amogh Dayal


dayal.a at husky.neu.edu

Chev Eldrid


eldrid.s at husky.neu.edu

Jack Frysinger


frysinger.j at husky.neu.edu

John Gallagher


gallagher.john1 at husky.neu.edu

Alex Grundwerg


agrundw at ccs.neu.edu

Arjun Gupta


gupta.arj at husky.neu.edu

Kashish Jagga


jagga.k at husky.neu.edu

Christopher Juchem


juchem.c at husky.neu.edu

Alexander Kavourias


kavourias.a at husky.neu.edu

Alexander Knauth


knauth.a at husky.neu.edu

Matthew Lamontagne


lamontagne.m at husky.neu.edu

Philip Lin


plin at ccs.neu.edu

Michael Lucas


lucas.mic at husky.neu.edu

Prannoy Mohan


mohan.p at husky.neu.edu

Amal Nazeem


nazeem.a at husky.neu.edu

Manas Purohit


manaspurohit at ccs.neu.edu

Ameen Radwan


aradwan at zimbra.ccs.neu.edu

Max Rona


rona.m at husky.neu.edu

Sreeya Sai


sai.s at husky.neu.edu

Katelyn Salvatori


katelyns at ccs.neu.edu

Nadine Shaalan


shaalan.n at husky.neu.edu

Arvin Sharma


sharma.arv at husky.neu.edu

Ashwin Shivashankar


shivashankar.a at husky.neu.edu

Kathryn Stavish


stavish.k at husky.neu.edu

Andrew Sy


sy.a at husky.neu.edu

Peter Teixeira


teixeira at ccs.neu.edu

Olivia Woods


woods.o at husky.neu.edu

James Wu


wu.jame at husky.neu.edu

Michael Yessaillian


yessaillian.m at husky.neu.edu

Brian Yeung


yeung.bri at husky.neu.edu