course staff

In this large freshman course, you will encounter five kinds of people:
  • your instructor (Amal Ahmed)

  • your lab coordinators, Rebecca Mackenzie and Matthew Singer, can be found in West Village H 214, rmacnz at at

  • your teaching assistants:

    Daniel Patterson


    Tyler Kindy


    Kyle Sferrazza


    Teaching assistants teach labs, supervise the grading of homework sets, hold office hours, and occasionally substitute in lectures. In general, they are apprentice teachers and are here to learn how to run a course.

  • your tutors:

    Ryan Drew


    Ryan Guo


    Daniel Melcer


    Benjamin Quiring


    Jack Warren


    Tutors grade your homework, hold office hours, and assist with labs. In general, they are undergraduate and graduate students who know that to learn something really well, you need to teach it.

  • your graders:

    Angelina Shalupova


    Sarah Witt


    Graders grade your homework but do not hold office hours.