Course Ethics

Cheating You may not collaborate with anyone on any of the two exams. You may not use any electronic tools, including phones, netbooks, laptops, desktop computers, etc.

You must collaborate with your assigned partner on the weekly problem sets. You may request help from any staff member on weekly problem sets but you must do so together with your partner. You may not get any help from anyone else on a problem set.

Students caught cheating will be reported to the university’s office on academic integrity; we will also take action within the College of Computer Science. (Our willingness to dismiss students from the CS program for cheating is higher than the university’s willingness to dismiss students from the school entirely.)

Why: The main reason we do this is to protect students who don’t cheat. Most students in CS 2500 have the moral integrity / pride / self-respect / etc. to stand by the work they do. We’ll back you up on this: we won’t permit an ethically sleazier, morally lazier student to get a better, unearned grade than the one you spent your semester working for.