CS1800 Online

This course will be entirely online. Most pieces will be available asynchoronously to accommodate everyone's schedules and timezones as best we can. We'll cover all the details of how we're arranging the logistics, but here's the summary:


Lecture (CS1800) MTWR 9:50-11:30am.
Recitation (CS1802) Recitation Recordings
Wed: Graded recitation assignment
Mon: Work on current homework
MW 1:30-3:10pm (Section 1) https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/93019729739
MW 3:20-5:00pm (Section 2) https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/95345175671


Syllabus: Download (PDF)

About CS1800

This course introduces the mathematical structures and methods that form the foundation of computer science. The material is motivated by applications from computer science.

  1. Techniques: binary and modular arithmetic, set notation, and methods of counting, evaluating sums, and solving recurrences.
  2. Supporting Theory: the basics of probability, proof by induction, growth of functions, and analysis techniques.
  3. General problem solving techniques with many applications to real problems.

Daily Problem Sets (Gradescope) A short problem set will be posted in advance of each lecture. Complete and submit your solution before 9:50am Eastern for the corresponding lecture. Daily problem sets may not be submitted late, but four of them will be dropped.
Homework (Gradescope) One homework will be assigned every Thursday and due the following Monday at 11:59pm. Homeworks may not be submitted late, but one homework will be dropped.
Recitation (CS1802). Recitation is required. We meet once a week (Wednesdays) to complete practice exercises, review material, and prepare for the upcoming homework. We use the Monday recitation to work on homework material; instructors will be on-hand to answer questions, but Monday recitations are not graded.

Instruction Team

Professor Laney Strange (CS1800)

Professor Jose Annunziato (CS1802)

E-mail jga@ccs.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/92139666852
Office Hours TRF 4:00-5:00pm

Teaching Assistant Hitashu Kanjani

E-mail kanjani.h@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86995683187
Office Hours F 3:30-6:30pm

Teaching Assistant Smit Kiri

E-mail kiri.s@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/493763705
Office Hours W 1:30-4:30pm

Teaching Assistant Martina Radoslavov

E-mail radoslavov.m@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/95303922405
Office Hours R 12:00-3:00pm

Teaching Assistant Karan Satwani

E-mail satwani.k@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/6454856103
Office Hours W 9:00am-12:00pm

Teaching Assistant Rishabh Shanbhag

E-mail shanbhag.ri@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/91805561136
Office Hours M 4:40-7:40pm

Teaching Assistant Tingwei shi

E-mail shi.ting@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/7202167814
Office Hours Sa 9:00am-12:00pm

Teaching Assistant Patrick Yoon

E-mail yoon.pa@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/8631166664
Office Hours F 11:00am-2:00pm

Teaching Assistant Jojo Broussard

E-mail broussard.j@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/9015847108
Office Hours R 3:30-6:30pm

Teaching Assistant Anjali Thakkar

E-mail thakkar.anj@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/98014259419
Office Hours Su 10:00am-1:00pm

Teaching Assistant Sanjivani Jethwaney

E-mail jethwaney.s@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/91785190631
Office Hours W 5:00-8:00pm

Teaching Assistant Donald Sea

E-mail sea.d@northeastern.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/91473183810
Office Hours Sa 5:00-8:00pm

Teaching Assistant Connie Tang

E-mail tang.con@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/5060447048
Office Hours Su 1:00-4:00pm

Teaching Assistant Shaan Hossain

E-mail hossain.sh@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87680707311
Office Hours Su 4:00-7:00pm

Teaching Assistant Nathan Pedowitz

E-mail pedowitz.n@husky.neu.edu
Office Hours Link https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/93182282638
Office Hours Sa 2:00-5:00pm