Discrete Structures Recitations (Seminars)
CS 1802 Syllabus, Fall 2017

College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

Course Overview

Recitation (i.e., CS 1802) is a weekly practicum for the CS 1800 course. Recitations (or seminars) are once a week. They consist largely of doing problems that cover material taught in lecture. Some problems will be harder than others, and some will be done individually and others in groups. You may be called on even if you do not volunteer. This gives you a chance to learn to present mathematics and to think on your feet. It is good practice for job interviews.

Recitations also give the opportunity to ask questions. If you are struggling with, or confused about, a particular idea or problem, ask about it!

Grading Breakdown

online homework 30%
quizzes 50%
participation 20%

Online Homework

There will be 12 weekly online assignments completed via Blakboard. Assignments must be turned in on time via Blackboard. We will drop the lowest homework grade, so if you miss one assignment, no worries. Late assignments will not be accepted.

We expect that you will study with friends and sometimes work out solutions together, but you must submit your own solutions. Solutions may not be copied, in whole or in part, from anyone. Cheating will not be tolerated. Professors and TAs will be available to answer questions but will not do your homework for you.

Quizzes and Attendance

There will be four 30-minute quizzes throughout the semester. Quizzes happen after you complete a learning module (e.g., Encryption), and they test your knowledge of the material covered in that module. Quizzes happen, on average, every three weeks. Quiz dates, and the topics covered, will be announced beforehand.

We will drop your lowest quiz grade. We understand that sometimes, unavoidable events or crises make it impossible to attend recitation. Our quiz drop policy is intended to handle unavoidable absences, including excused absences. If you realize you have to miss a second quiz, please email your instructor (and CC John McCrary) as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements; you will probably need a note from someone documenting your inability to do the relevant work at the normal time.

If you can't attend your assigned section, you are allowed to attend a different one if you get permission from that section's instructor. However, you might not receive any participation credit that week.

For all administrative or logistical issues (e.g., quizzes, DRC forms or grading), contact your instructor and CC John McCrary, who often can respond faster.


Your participation grade is determined by the scrap paper you turn in at the end of recitation. You are expected to work out problems by hand, and to turn in the scrap paper that you do your work on. You get full participation credit for a given week if your scrap paper shows you were genuinely working on the problems–you don't have to get all of them right. If you don't turn in any scrap paper, you get a 0 for participation that week. We will drop your lowest participation grade at the end of the semester.

You are expected to bring paper to recitation. You can't count on us to provide you with paper. No scrap paper will be accepted outside of recitation, so please do not try to turn it in via email or at office hours.

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