COM 1201
Algorithms and Data Structures II
Spring 2003
Jeff Raab

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Spring 2003 Warehouse contest results

Meeting Times:

Section A:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 9:15 to 10:20am in 420 Shillman (SH)
TA: Gong Jun (

Section B:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 10:30 to 11:35am in 335 Shillman (SH)
TA: Roy Luo (




Note: assignments will be added to this page as I release them.

Click here to connect via FTP, to submit your work:

Click here to connect via FTP, to submit your work:


Note: solutions will be added to this page as I release them.


  • You will be given FTP space on my office PC for submission of your homework. Details are available in the help section above. The machine hostname is You will be given one week to change your password from (blank) to something else. Failing to change your password could result in another student stealing your work, which could implicate you in an academic honesty case. You will receive 0 credit for each assignment until your password is changed. To change your password, fill out the following form:

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  • Download the file jpt.jar for working outside of the laboratories here.

  • - the official site for the Java language. It contains examples, tutorials, discussion forums, and more, but is somewhat disorganized. You can download the JDK here for free, and join the Java Developer Community for free as well.

  • Java SDK v1.4.1 API Documentation - class and interface documentation for the Java language including data members, methods, and other information about each class in every Java package.

  • Java SDK v1.4.1 Documentation - information about the current release of the Java language.

  • JPT online - web site for the JPT toolkit developed by the CCS Education Research Group.

  • Yahoo! Java - Yahoo!s java resources. Always a good starting place for discovery.

  • Java Q&A - comprehensive Java tutorial site.